Audit uptime of all servers

Monitoring servers is an important thing, almost uptime of all servers.  You should have some dedicated tools such as Zabbix, Nagios, etc… BUT ! Here is a script to generate an HTML report of all your servers uptime.

Those servers are all registered into AD and the ‘get’ is based on the operating system detected by AD.

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Massive AD Group Creation using Powershell



#csv file that contains all groups to create 
$InputGroups=Import-csv $InputFile -Delimiter ";"

	#Importing data
	Write-Host "`n Creation du groupe : $GroupName -" -NoNewLine
	#AD Group creation
	New-ADGroup -name "$GroupName" -groupscope DomainLocal -GroupCategory Security -Description $Description -path $Destination
	#Check if group well created
	$testADGroup=Get-ADGroup $GroupName
		Write-Host " OK" -ForegroundColor:GREEN
		Write-Host " KO" -ForegroundColor:RED


Write-Host "`n `n $total groups created : `n "
Write-Host "           - $success" -NoNewLine -ForegroundColor:GREEN
Write-Host " groups created"
Write-Host "           - $errors" -NoNewLine -ForegroundColor:RED
Write-Host " groupes not created `n `n "

A quick Powershell script, easy to use, to create a lot of groups from a csv file

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Active Directory – Get a Free Domain Controller

roualin powershell_2 Active Directory - Get a Free Domain ControllerIt could be really usefull to use the -DomainController parameter with many Powershell commands… But How to be sure to find an available DC ?

A little function will help you to do that :

Function Get_Domain_Controller {
$site = [System.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectory.ActiveDirectorysite]::GetComputerSite()

$back = [System.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectory.Domain]::GetCurrentDomain().FindDomainController($site).Name
return $back

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How to whitelist website on AdBlocker?

How to whitelist website on AdBlocker?

  1. 1 Click on the AdBlock Plus icon on the top right corner of your browser
  2. 2 Click on "Enabled on this site" from the AdBlock Plus option
  3. 3 Refresh the page and start browsing the site