Remote Check Memory Usage

Remote Check Memory Usage

When you have to do a lot of stuff on remote servers, the best you have, you MUST do is to check is the Ram usage is not too high.

Here is a little function that can help

Function Get-MemoryUsage {param($ComputerName)
$memory=Get-WmiObject -Class win32_operatingsystem -computername $ComputerName |
Select-Object @{Name = "MemoryUsage"; Expression = { “{0:N2}” -f ((($_.TotalVisibleMemorySize - $_.FreePhysicalMemory)*100)/ $_.TotalVisibleMemorySize) }
return $memory

On some powershell version (V3.0…) if the returned value is below 10, an error could happen if you try to compare that returned value with a number.

For example, an error I had encountered :

If($MemoryUsage -gt $MaxMemory){

Write-host "Over"



I had to find another way to parse that error. I used the “length” property of the $MemoryUsage value.


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