Massive AD Group Creation using Powershell



#csv file that contains all groups to create 
$InputGroups=Import-csv $InputFile -Delimiter ";"

	#Importing data
	Write-Host "`n Creation du groupe : $GroupName -" -NoNewLine
	#AD Group creation
	New-ADGroup -name "$GroupName" -groupscope DomainLocal -GroupCategory Security -Description $Description -path $Destination
	#Check if group well created
	$testADGroup=Get-ADGroup $GroupName
		Write-Host " OK" -ForegroundColor:GREEN
		Write-Host " KO" -ForegroundColor:RED


Write-Host "`n `n $total groups created : `n "
Write-Host "           - $success" -NoNewLine -ForegroundColor:GREEN
Write-Host " groups created"
Write-Host "           - $errors" -NoNewLine -ForegroundColor:RED
Write-Host " groupes not created `n `n "

A quick Powershell script, easy to use, to create a lot of groups from a csv file

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